"By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before."
~Edwin Elliot

Get to know me better and then tell me about YOU!

✦  My heart belongs to three boys!  My sweet, funny hubby and our two amazing little boys.

✦ We live in a 100 year old farmhouse and every room is a different color of the rainbow!

✦  My hammock is my sacred space.

✦  I play the trumpet.

✦  I heart James Taylor.

✦  I am a total foodie nerd!  I love to cook with my hubby & friends.  I love anything from fine dining to food trucks, but nothing beats a meal cooked with love & friends.

✦  I am a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner.

✦  I love quirky cafes with lots of books.

✦  I am "calm like a stream & furious like an ocean" (my hubby's words! haha!)  I take this as a compliment.

✦  I am a poet...who never rhymes.

✦  I am a patchouli, coffee & incense addict.

✦ I am legally ordained to perform weddings!

✦  I am the artist behind my sacred adornment shop, The Art of a Happy Heart, which you can find here in this space. 

✦ I am part of an amazing gathering of artists called, The Bohemian Collective.  I am honored to know and work with these amazing artists & kindred spirits.

✦  Hiking heals my soul.

✦  I think wine tastes better around a campfire with friends. 

✦  I have a degree in Environmental Science and study reptiles & amphibians for fun!

✦  Michael Jackson music always cheers me up.

✦  I curse like a f%#king sailor!...oops!

✦  A proper high-tea with some ladies (or my hubby!) is good for my soul.

✦  I am a thrifting junkie.

✦  I am addicted to the Golden Girls!  There is no cure!

✦  I love yoga, but sometimes I skip class to stay home and be lazy!  It's a balance.

✦  I love picnics, especially "bed picnics" with my favorite snacks and shows, all snuggled up under the covers with my love.

✦  My spiritual practice is a relationship with nature; the earth and my own. My soul work is about my own inner growth and my highest expression of love. I think it is fucking beautiful when everyone follows their heart and walks their own path to peace; and if our paths' cross...how RAD is that?! 

Happiness & Love,