"There is no ME, without YOU.", my heart whispered...
And just like that, all those old choruses of broken voices in my mind said, "shhhhh. You are enough."
And I was standing on the doorstep of my heart; it's chamber doors unlocked and flung open.
All the lights were still on as if they had been awaiting my return.

And I was home.

~Natasha Mandel~
The Art of a Happy Heart

Welcome hOMe, love. You are safe here. Come close. Close enough for us to share whispers...

When we gather together in healing and compassion for one another...souls shift, mountains move within our hearts, and we heal...stepping into our highest expression; the expression of love. And the power of LOVE can change the world. 

I am reminded often, that our journeys are stories; of broken hearts and battles won and all the parts that shatter and come together in the most heart-breakingly beautiful ways. We will have seasons of laboring and birthing. Of strengthening and softening. Holding on and letting go. Dying and blooming. And many times it may seem we are in the midst of all these things at once. That we are thrashing through this journey.

But within our hearts, we hold the stories; the wounds and the healing. The creation or destruction. We are the healer and the healing. The mirror and the reflection. The teacher...and the student. And in doing the inner work, we can change our stories. This is where the path to healing begins.  

For life is a journey...
of struggle and of ease,
of sadness and of joy,
of fear and of hope,
of comfort and of growth, 
of indifference and of Love.

We will break and bend,
we will fall and rise,
we will shatter and come together. 
Within it all, we must not lose ourselves, our truths, our hearts.

And in the moments in between,
if and when we are able,
we must allow our hearts to be a point of stillness in a chaotic world.

May we be witnesses for each other, guides for each all the tender, fragile moments. In all the beauty...
the mess...
the rise and the fall...
and the healing, as we come home to our hearts innermost wisdom. 

May we find the courage to examine our own inner worlds, for we are all a work of heART in progress. We travel the corridors of darkness and light. Many times we are at the thresholds. Let's wait for each other; walk together. Hold onto each other in all the pain and hope for healing. Let's tear some pages from stories. Let's tear down some walls. Build mosaics from the pieces. 

When we come to this space, let us surrender to the process of healing, which is never ending; to reconnecting to that pure place in our hearts. Unraveling the layers of wounds and honoring where we are, here in this moment. For there is wisdom in the wounds, and beauty in the unraveling. Let us set down the heavy baggage we have carried for so long, if only for a moment. Leaving, hopefully...a more whole version of ourselves. Feeling more fully at hOMe in our own body, mind, spirit and heart. By awakening ourselves and healing our hearts, I believe we have the power to heal our communities and all of humanity. Because the love of a healed heart, can change the world.

It is my deep hearts desire to bring you this message of hope for healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for witnessing my journey and allowing me to witness yours. I am so grateful for each one of you who have crossed paths with me on this healing journey.  

Happiness & Love,

✦ Please know you can reach out to me in safety, confidence & love.  Connect with me privately. I would be honored to be a safe place for your heart to rest. 


"Let me be as a feather; strong, with purpose, yet light at to bend. And, though I might become frayed, able to pull myself together again."~Anita Sams