heart. liquid silver heart chakra kunchi coin necklace. READY TO SHIP


heart. liquid silver heart chakra kunchi coin necklace. READY TO SHIP


"Listen to your heart. It knows all things, because it came from the Soul of the World and it will one day return there."~ Paulo Coelho

♥ A minimalist necklace created in an old vintage "liquid silver" style with Kelly green glass beads is adorned with Fair Trade antique brass beads from Ethiopia and a beautiful, vintage Persian Kuchi coin embossed with a tiny heart. Listen to your heart. 

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♥ The Heart Chakra is known as the "Seat of the Soul" in the hourglass of time and in Sanskrit it is called "Anahata" which means "unstruck" or unbeaten referring to an eternal sound that is heard, yet it is not struck. It can assist you in clearing the other chakras and empowering them into their wholeness, as it is the integrative "bridge" between the lower (physical) chakras and the upper (spiritual) chakras; connecting your body and spirit in a loving way. 

The Heart Chakra...
♥ rules your perception of love and compassion
♥ governs your ability to give and receive love
♥ is highly responsive to your emotions and intentions
♥ harnesses your highest essence
♥ is unmatched in terms of intrinsic power

When your heart, your "love center" opens, you go past the limits of yourself, you identify with other people, with all of life and the whole Universe.

The heart symbol is actually the number 5 in Persian script (as on this coin!) and in Numerology the number 5 symbolizes personal freedom, individualism, life lessons learned through experience, understanding, release and surrender, love and kindness. 5 is the pivotal point between the numbers 1 and 9 and is representative of the five elements; earth, air, fire, water and spirit. It is also considered to be the symbol of the Universe. How beautiful and amazing that the number 5 connects to the heart symbolically in this way!

♥ Necklace measures 24 inches in length and Kuchi heart coin measures 1 inch in diameter (about the size of a US quarter). Convo me if you would like the length adjusted.

♥ Each creation is as unique as nature and comes cleansed by moonlight & sunlight before entering your hands, but I can cleanse in any manner you choose.

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