Peace is EVERY step

"Peace is every step.  The shining red sun is my heart.  Each flower smiles with me.  How green, how fresh all that grows.  How cool the wind blows.  Peace is every step.  It turns the endless path to joy."~ Thich Nhat Hahn

When the darkness begins to engulf the world and the way we see it, it can be difficult to keep our hearts from turning to stone.  But when there is darkness, it is our place to shine the light.  And to fill the cracks in our hearts with more love than ever before.  Any one of us, or all of us, at any point in time, can be beacons of peace and love.  A single person could have the ability to motivate millions of people across centuries, to either do harm or do good.  WE get to choose which.  I for one, will be one who helps to light the way, not one who makes the path darker.  Will you light the way with me?  

Because this planet will not know true peace until we DISPLAY peacefulness.  If we say we are peaceful...we must show the world by BEING peaceful.  If we say we are loving...we must show the world by BEING loving.  If we say we are not the one to judge...we must show the world by NOT judging others.  It is unfair to judge the many by the few.  Take race, religion, anything that makes us different from each other, out of the conversation, and the ones who do the hating and the harm, are bullies.  And if we respond with hate and harm, we are no different than those who try to intimidate with their ignorance and hatred.  We are getting NOWHERE!  Do not succumb to doing or supporting things that continue to separate us from our fellow human beings.  We have waged wars against one another for centuries; over gender, over race, over sexual preference, and the list goes on.  It has yet to bring us true peace.  Your argument is invalid if it is used to serve your own purpose and to justify harm against others. Be the fucking CHANGE, people!  Be.  The.  Change.

We have more in common than we have that separates us. 

Mantra for Peace...

The path to peace starts within me. 
I can do SOMETHING, and I will do what I CAN. 
To heal myself.  To heal the earth.
I shine like a beacon for those in need, 
who are suffering, who need acceptance, and LOVE. 
When I change my thoughts, I change the world.
I do not fear the unknown.  
I will be a mirror that reflects back only beauty, hope and love.
I return to my true nature.  To oneness.
Knowing...we are all connected.
I ask for peace and happiness for all living things.
I am peace. 
I am Love.
I am Light.
And light cannot be extinguished by darkness.

Take a listen to this clip taken from the 1940's movie, The Great Dictator.  Charlie Chaplin gives an incredibly moving speech which should give us all something to think about.  (It is a few moments long, but I promise you there is so much power in these words.)

We cannot allow fear of the unknown to keep us from showing love and kindness to those in need.  If we preach kindness to others, it means very little if that means only showing it to those in our inner circles.  How can we look away while human beings just like us, people with hopes, dreams, and love, are out there suffering?  How can we say they matter less than ourselves?  We must hold tight to our humanity.  We must reach out, without fear, to help carry the burden for others.  And if we can't help them, the least we can do is not hurt them...with our ignorance, with judgement, with hate.  We must wrap them in love and hope and BE the expression of what we want to see in the world.  We must keep our hearts softened, open and loving and reach out to each other, offering refuge from the darkness of the world.  Is there any other way to create peace, than to BE peaceful?  We must know in our heart and soul that it is the only way to have lasting peace.   

Be one of the helpers, be the light in the darkness for others.  You KNOW that there was a time when you needed comfort or help and a stranger reached out to help you without question.  Remember that.  And remember that for every heartbreak, there is hope.  Let us be the hope for those who need us to be.  When the path looks lonely, cold and dark...our hearts, our love, our light...are the beacons that will light the way.  They are the reminder that all is not lost.  Choose PEACE.  Choose LOVE.  

"Peace is EVERY step.  The shining red sun is my heart.  Each flower smiles with me.  How green, how fresh all that grows.  How cool the wind blows.  Peace is EVERY step.  It turns the endless path to JOY."~ Thich Nhat Hahn


Happiness & Love,