Honey bee happy...finding gratitude...


Finding the Sacred in the Everyday

The practice of finding the small and sacred moments in the everyday, can completely transform your life.  Noticing and connecting.  Embracing and showing gratitude.  When we send out gratitude, the Universe responds with an echo; giving us more moments and experiences for us to be grateful for.  

Things I am grateful for lately...

✦ Cozy, coffee moments on rainy days.  Coffee is kind of my happiness!  hehe!

✦ Heart stone morning meditations...I am Peace.  I am Love.  I am Light.  And light cannot be extinguished by darkness.  108 times spoken into the Earth.  (I have been finding heart stones for the past year...symbolism much?)  haha  Think I might start a heart stone garden soon!

✦ Healing Bonfires...this is where we fellowship.  Where we drink, and live, and laugh and love.  Where we leave it at the altar, where we burn it to the ground and smudge it out with smoke and flame.  Where we tend the heart fire.  Sigh...oh yeah, take me to church! 

✦ Coffee meditations and cozy tees...this is my jam.  There are no rules to meditation and sometimes coffee is mine.  That's just how I roll.  (Yeah, coffee made it on my list twice!  ha!)

✦ Getting lost on favorite back roads...sometimes the only way to find yourself again.  Watching the horizon rise and fall is so symbolic, and somehow comforting...the ebb and flow.  Where the treetops touch.  Where their arched and feathered arms surround me.  Solace.  Peace. The road to H(OM)E...

This is my sacred happiness right now...what's yours?  

Happiness & Love,