Feeling tangled...


I've been caught in my own internal storm and swirling in a negativity tornado.  You know what I mean...We all have those moments.  The work is to dig deep, find the courage and walk through the fog, to the other side.  I am having trouble with that today.

I think it's just that time of year, the season for exploring shadows, and facing all the things we need to release in the new year.  It's this type of shadow work that brings with it, the dawn.  The awakening to the work that needs to be done, the courage to do that work, and then the power to release it all.  I posted this photo to my Instagram this morning and asked my tribe of kindreds for inspiration to get me out of my negativity spiral.  And I was met with so much warmth and love!  

We all go through ebbs and flows and shadows and light.  We all know that the healing is in all of it.  Embracing it all.  Surrender.  Oh, the surrender.  The taste is a bittersweet honey.

I've been feeling all the feels.  The fog pulling me into those dark places.  Filling the hollows with fear.  Tear stained cheeks, tear stained heart.  Shadows, and fog, and the raven crows.  Yet the road moves on...and I know in my heart, this too shall pass.  A sunrise is on the other side. 

For all you sweet hearts who reached out to me today with your overwhelming love and support, I deeply bow my heart to you.  It means more than words can fully express to be seen in my wholeness, and to be supported by such amazing, inspiring souls!  We are here to journey through it all, and to help each other along the way when we can.  One comment this morning really stuck with me, from @sammyk86 on Instagram...

"You are the sky, and all these thoughts and feelings...are just clouds."

What an empowering few words.  (She said she paraphrased a quote from Pema Chodron) but honestly, I just liked her paraphrasing better because the clouds, the fog, that's what this feels like in this moment.

Thank you for all for witnessing my shadows as well as my light.  Shadows go hand in hand with light work.  But, I know soon the clouds will part and the sun will rise and for that I can only be grateful.  I am the SKY!  And so are you.  I will search within and find my wings, and I will RISE UP!

Happiness & Love,

P.S.  Kind of interesting how all these nature photos I took this week mimic my internal nature in this moment...nature speaks.  Nature heals.