Love notes...


"NORMALIZE being kind."~ The Art of a Happy Heart

Some simple wisdom for your Wednesday! I am ALL for gratitude and being appreciative. I do believe that gratitude and kindness has the possibility to completely change the hardest of hearts!...but have you ever noticed that sometimes kindness seems so RARE that we find it to be extraordinary?!?!?!

A little story...while at a festival a few weeks ago with @kyaracreations, we met our festival neighbor selling at the tent next to us. It was a very hot day and this nice man forgot to bring water. Britt shared a few bottles of water so he would be hydrated throughout the day. He was sooo grateful, that he thanked her over and over again! It was truly very sweet and he seemed like a very nice person, and it all felt really good taking CARE of each other. But he was sooo grateful for freaking WATER!!! Don't get me wrong, I know many countries, and even cities in the states (Flint, Michigan!!!! <---) lack clean water...but let us normalize kindness! And care for one another and help when we can. Not only for the feeling we get from gratitude, but because we care about doing what is RIGHT and good for each other.

How can you normalize kindness today? In what way can you do something good because it is the right thing to do? 

Just a little love note from my heart to yours! 
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"As Human Beings, We Have To Help Each Other, You Know?"~ Mohamed Bzeek

Happiness & Love,