Sacred adornments for your heart & hOMe

✦ Every stone a story. Handmade with heart ✦


As a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, I work to transform energies and to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit...but especially to the heart.

Handmade by me in my home studio, I use natural gemstones to create sacred adornments that will bring you in connection with nature; the Earth and your own. While listening to meditative music and infusing positive energy and intentions, I mindfully and lovingly create each piece as a wearable work of heART...a touchstone for your journey.

Each work of heART is then cleansed with sage and by sunlight and moonlight before being offered to you.

From My 


To Yours

There is something beautiful and organic in the process of creating with intention. A very peaceful, meditative feeling comes over me as my soul gets lost and found within each of my creations. The adornments that I make for you are more than just a wearable piece of art; within each is a piece of my heart & soul that I give to you...
And from this connection, our energies align, connecting our hearts from across the Universe. Thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours. And if our paths cross even for a moment, I bow to you in gratitude.

I hope you find something that speaks to your heart.

Happiness & Love,



✦ The Art of a Happy Heart


✦☾ My promise to you as we grow together...If I promise you the moon, I will give it to you will a handful of stars. You all are the heart of my small business, and I am so grateful for you. I will treat you the way you deserve. If you don't find something in my shop that resonates with you, connect with me! I would be happy to create a custom adornment for you! 

✦ The Art of a Happy Heart packages every creation with love in 100% recyclable materials! Doing so keeps shipping cost down for you, while being kind to the earth! 

✦ Payment plans available ✦ Message me for details ✦ 

☾ Stone Cleansing ☽

✦ All my Chakra stones come cleansed by moonlight & sunlight before entering your hands, but I can cleanse in any manner you choose.
All creations are infused with a happy, peaceful vibration.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals & Gemstones—

Because they attract, magnify & hold energy, sometimes your crystals & gemstones will need cleansing. We need to cleanse them to release unwanted negative energies and return them to a pure state. The first time you receive your stones, and after using them for healing yourself or someone else, you will want to cleanse them. Also, if you stones begin to look cloudy, you may want to do a cleansing. Personally, I like cleansing using moonlight & sunlight. I set them out in the moonlight and leave them there through the sunlight the next day (I keep them out for 24 hours so to charge them with both feminine and masculine energies.) All your crystals & stones from me will come cleansed this way for their first cleansing and infused with positive energy! There are many methods you can research, but a few of my favorites are...

Smudging— Use sage or incense such as frankincense, cedar or sandalwood. Hold the stones under the smoke of the sage or incense. Sage is an herb used for it's purifying qualities.

Moonlight and Sunlight— You can use the light of both the moon and sun to cleanse your crystals. I prefer to place my stones out under the full moon and leave them over night into the next day to charge with both moonlight, feminine energy and sunlight, masculine energy.

Cleansing Meditation— Here is a powerful yet simple mediation to use to cleanse your stones...Place your stone in your dominate hand. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, begin to relax. Feel the stone in your hand. Now imagine a beam of pure white light coming from your third eye. Allow the beam of while light to surround your crystal. Flood your hand and the crystal with this beautiful pure white light. See the crystal completely bathed in light. See your crystal glowing in the pure white light. Once you have a sense of the crystal glowing in the light you can open your eyes and with a soft gaze, look at your newly cleansed stone. 

I encourage you to experiment with different methods to see what feels right to you!

The Bohemian Collective

✦ I am a proud & grateful member of a beautiful gathering of artists called The Bohemian Collective. ✦