love + harmony. rose + lavender sacred intention incense


love + harmony. rose + lavender sacred intention incense


"Love is our medicine."~ The Art of a Happy Heart

♥ This listing is for a 6 ounce sachet of this "love + harmony" sacred intention incense.

♥ This blend of organic rose and lavender carries intentions for love and harmony. Rose uplifts us with energies of love and gratitude, while lavender brings harmony, tranquility and enhances meditation. These beautiful herbs are blended in small batches under the full moon and infused with crystal energy that matches the intention of the incense blend. Each organic herb is chosen and blended for a specific intention for your meditations. These herbs are also wonderful to use for self care baths. Each incense will include an intuitively pulled crystal hidden within. Comes nestled in a violet organza pouch for safekeeping.

♥ Herbal incenses have a unique, herbaceous smell and are different than scented incenses; they are not used for aroma, but instead are used energetically.


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♥ To Cleanse Your Spaces— Place the loose incense in a fireproof bowl, such as a lions' paw or abalone shell, light the incense until you see a soft glowing ember, then blow out the flame and allow the smoke to cleanse and ground you and your sacred spaces. Incense may be lit many times and will last through many cleansing ceremonies. When your cleansing ceremony is complete, keep the incense in your fireproof bowl until it has completely extinguished. Always use caution and respect when working with fire; do not leave unattended while burning, avoid direct inhalation of smoke and keep out of reach of children.

♥ Sachet of incense is approximately 6 ounces.

♥ Each creation is as unique as nature and comes cleansed by moonlight and sunlight before entering your hands, but I can cleanse in any manner you choose.

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Happiness + Love, Natasha

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