Sacred Adornment



From My Heart to Yours...


As an intuitive artist, it is a joy for me to create handmade sacred adornments for you, as a way to honor your story, your journey and the intentions for the new stories you wish to step into. My process is filled with meditation and ritual and is designed to honor, transmute and transform the energies of the stories you wish to tell.

Handmade by me in my home studio, I use natural gemstones infused with positive energy and intentions, to mindfully and lovingly create each piece as a wearable work of heART...a touchstone for your journey.

I have found there is something so beautiful and organic in the process of creating with intention. A very peaceful, meditative feeling comes over me as my soul gets lost and found within each creation; and it is my desire that you can feel this peace when your work of heART finds its' hOMe with you.

Within each adornment, is a piece of my heart and soul that I share with you...and from this connection, our energies align, connecting our hearts and our stories from across the Universe.

...I Hope You Find Something That Speaks To Your Heart!


Want to know the love and kind words folks have for their The Art of a Happy Heart sacred adornments?

I absolutely LOVE my beautiful necklaces! They are brimming with good vibes! I have already gotten so many compliments. Receiving a package from Natasha is like receiving a gift from a good friend.
— Shelley

✦ A Peek Into My Studio Sacred Space ✦

✦ Do you wish for a custom sacred adornment? ✦

I am so excited to create with you! With love and intention, we will mindfully co-create a wearable work of heART... a touchstone to support you on your journey! Connect with me!

The most beautiful custom piece of jewelry that I have ever owned. Made with so much love, care, thoughtfulness and craftsmanship, my custom adornment is truly one of a kind and made from the heart.
— Suzanne

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Cleansing Your Gemstones


✦ Energetic cleansing ✦

Because they attract, magnify and hold energy, sometimes your gemstones will need cleansing. Doing this releases unwanted negative energies and returns your gemstones to a pure state. The first time you receive your stones, and after using them for healing yourself or someone else, you will want to cleanse them. Also, if your stones begin to look cloudy, you may want to do a cleansing. Personally, I like cleansing using moonlight and sunlight. I place my stones out under the moon and leave them overnight into the next day to charge with both feminine and masculine energies. Each work of heART is treated this way for their first cleansing and are infused with a positive energy ceremony! A few of my favorite cleansing ceremonies are...

✦ Sacred Herbs ✦

Use sage or an incense such as palo santo, frankincense or sandalwood. Hold the stones under the smoke of the sage or incense. These sacred herbs are used for their purifying qualities.

✦ Moonlight + Sunlight ✦

You can use the light of both the moon and sun to cleanse your stones. I prefer to place my stones out under the moon and leave them overnight into the next day to charge with both the feminine energy of moonlight and the masculine energy of sunlight.

✦ Cleansing Meditation ✦

Here is a powerful, yet simple meditation to use to cleanse your stones...

Place your stone in your dominant hand. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, and begin to relax. Feel the stone in your hand. Now imagine a beam of pure white light coming from your third eye. Imagine it being completely bathed and glowing in this beautiful, pure white light. Once you have a sense of the stone glowing within this light, you can slowly open your eyes, and with a soft gaze, look at your newly cleansed gemstone.

I encourage you to experiment to see which method feels right to you!

Do you need cleansing tools for your ceremonies + rituals? I can support you.