“The universe presents us with endless opportunities to synchronize our path with our truth.”~ Jeff Brown

I have been in a hibernation...a slow unfurling over the last few months, maybe even the last few years. But just as this new sacred space has rebirthed, so have I. Again and again. I have spent the last two years really digging deep and doing a lot of healing work within myself; body, mind and heal from past trauma. And something has completely shifted for me and I actually really FEEL ready to never again question that this is my path; to bring some kind of healing through the types of art that has helped me to heal. Storytelling through art. Taking back our voices and our truth. That is what I want to empower in others through this heARTwork. Helping us to grow. I say US, because I am always in the process of healing; layers upon layers deeper every year...and I have surrendered to knowing that is just how it is always going to be. We experience emotional pain, trauma, and we feel it, heal it and use what we can to help each other grow. I am just here offering myself as a companion to you on your own healing journey. 

For awhile, I felt pretty stuck inside my purpose, my art, and I didn't know exactly why. I wasn't always allowing things to just FLOW with the universe. The times that you may have noticed that I was not sharing much, I just did not want to put any negative energy into my work; I was really trying to surrender to that flow. It wasn't easy at first, but now I am finding flow much easier of a practice; because somewhere along the line, whether through healing trauma or simply (Not simple by the way! Especially for a Capricorn!) surrendering, I ALIGNED. Something shifted and I aligned with my own heart and I found my voice again. I think that's where the magic is, when we find our voices. And this work is how I guide us in finding and sharing that voice; our heart stories...our truths. And I am so grateful to the whatever brought you here or to whatever cosmic fabric has brought us together in this space.

I spent a long time comparing myself and my work to other people offering courses and classes and does what I do fit into the world? Because what I offer, is not quite as tangible as those kinds of offerings. But I kept pushing forward with this inner knowing. And over the last few months while working on this new space, something shifted within me. I have come to terms with the fact that I am not a "teacher", and that is okay! And it's not that what I bring to the world doesn't inherently TEACH. But I am not a teacher. I am a gatekeeper; a space holder. And I have things to offer within that place. And folks will take from that what they need in their own healing as I use my work to heal myself simultaneously. Maybe something in my own offerings will help someone to expand their heart, or to find their voice or perhaps to heal themselves in some way. And maybe then that person moves into YOUR work, or someone else's work that does the teaching. So we each have our place, and I have found mine. And it feels good to release what is not me, so that I can embrace what IS me and move forward. 

And now, I am at such peace. I really feel SOOOOOO fucking good and grounded within what I do. It's the same heARTwork, but it is now all weaved together in a new clarified and connected way. Actually, before my childhood trauma, I made jewelry and wrote poetry. And here I am again, doing both. So it is incredibly healing for me; almost a taking back my first loves, taking back my voice and my life and circling back to both of these things in this fresh settled way, just feels soooo at home. I can't help but believe this has always been the heARTwork I've been meant to do. It just FINALLY feels like something has totally unlocked within my heart and I am just so excited for this all to come together. And now I am even more excited to share that type of healing with you, my community. Storytelling through sacred adornment and poetry is where I find hOMe and healing over and over again. And it is how I guide us in transforming our wounds into something beautiful; a new that WE create for ourselves. And I hope so deeply in my heart that my adornments, my own inner reflections or my poetry can help to unlock something within your own heart as it has done for me. It is my hearts' desire that these offerings serve as a portal to healing for us all.

Something that has really guided me in this new rebirth, is symbolism and synchronicity. I truly love both and I am not sure why sometimes I am still surprised when it happens; at just how easily things can come to us when we just surrender and allow and follow the signs being placed on our path. As many of you may know, I have been finding heart rocks for the past 5 years or so; starting right before I first birthed, The Art of a Happy Heart! I find them everywhere it seems and I see heart shapes often, even in my coffee! Ha! Don't ask me how or why, I have just chosen to see them as signs that I am either on my true path or that there is something I need to pay attention to in order to get BACK on my path.

In recent months, the symbolism and synchronicity that has come to me is the sacred number, 108. I have been seeing it A LOT lately. I will wake up at exactly 1:08am in the middle of the night, suddenly notice that there are exactly 108 people on my facebook friends list, or glance at the clock at exactly 1:08pm when I haven't looked at the clock all day. Most recently, the night before our launch of this space, I was picking up a card game that our kiddo, Max, had spilled all over the floor. And as I was picking up the cards, this small piece of paper slipped out (like a worker number or something from whoever put the game together) and the number was 108! No lie! So crazy! There is definitely something to symbolism.

You may have also noticed that our home page image is of me by a Dogwood tree. My hubby and I spent the evening at a local Arboretum this past weekend to celebrate our 7 year anniversary and to try to snap a photo for this new space. He took me to this beautiful Dogwood tree and I didn't think much of it, until after we had taken the photo and I thought to look up its symbolism the next morning over coffee. I truly could not believe it! The Dogwood tree represents new beginnings, the four corners and the four SACRED MOUNTAINS!!! It represents safety, beauty and strength, strong will, passion, and its bark resists wounds easily! I found this very symbolic in regards to my work, because we are the survivors! We find the beauty in our healing. YES! And literally THE most recent poem I wrote (for an intuitive poetry + photography collaboration) with my magical soul sister, Katelyn, was entitled, "SACRED MOUNTAIN"! How random!!! Or not! That is some symbolic shit right there! Thank you universe! I can't WAIT to share the full poem and project, because that poem is all about finding that sacred mountain of strength within us all!

I really just can't thank everyone enough for celebrating this rebirth with me! From sweet messages and gestures of love and support, to folks choosing me to create sacred adornments for just truly fills me up and makes my heart HAPPY! I am so happy and fulfilled to get to bring my art and storytelling into the world.

This space rebirthed on May 1st, Global Love Day!!! How beautiful is that! If you have never heard it, it is a day all about sharing in Universal Love! Mmmm, perfect! This space was truly a labor of love and with the guidance of my dear soul sister, Elle and her course, Squarespace Sovereignty, I was able to create this space for my heARTwork and share it with all of you! I am infinitely grateful to her for the work that she does in this world; empowering other spirited folks to share their heart and virtual altar spaces with the collective. 

If you have gotten this far in my love letter, I would love to know what brought you to this space! What do you need? How can I serve you and be your best companion on your healing journey? Let's walk together...

All the love, Natasha

5 mini meditations for a busy life

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak."~ Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

I thought I would share some ways I find to "meditate" even in the midst of a busy life. Sometimes meditating is not sitting on a cushion, chanting. It really IS just about finding YOUR point of stillness in a chaotic world. In these moments of contemplation and silence, we can better hear the wisdom of our hearts.

1) Mandala Coloring or Etching books...

Okay, you guys! You seriously have to try these! Have you ever tried those mandala coloring books? They are awesome for relaxation! Especially if you are not great at sitting still to meditate! Even better than those? These amazing mandala ETCHING books! You scratch off the pattern to reveal amazing colors and mandala patterns! It is soooo satisfying! ha! I am so freaking addicted and it reduces soooo much of my anxiety!! I made the photo above black and white just because I love it that way but it's actually rainbow underneath the layers you scratch off!! It slowly morphs through the colors of the rainbow as you follow the pattern! It's so great for people who can't slow themselves down enough to sit down to meditate in the traditional way!! Highly recommended!!! I may never do anything else again, it's so fun!! (Sometimes I work on my mandalas while our kiddos are coloring! That way, we can be together, but doing our own thing.) They are called "Mandalas for Meditation: Scratch-off Nightscapes"! You can find them on Amazon.

2) Incense/ Candle...

There is something so incredibly soothing about gazing into the smoke of incense or the flame of a candle. I usually will do this on most mornings just in case I don't get my meditation in. I burn the incense or a candle and simply set my intention for the day. This is super quick. Max time about 2 minutes and I'm off to start my day. This practice is a great one to start with if you are new to meditation and just can't seem to settle into longer sessions.

3) Coffee or Tea Ritual...

Seriously, ya'll. Coffee IS meditation. When the first sip of warmth hits your lips, isn't it just magic? Or is it just me? haha! Create a quick 5-10 minute ritual of making coffee or tea (I really love making French press coffee for this if I have time because it still takes a little really take time to be present in the making. Or make a quick cup of coffee or tea and just take a few moments to walk outside, breathe and take in the moment.

4) Shower Meditation...

You guys! You are going to laugh at me! Ahh! I am so busy as a mom and small business person, that sometimes the only time I get to myself is in the shower. So I have created a little ritual that I do for meditation and creativity; I draw mandalas or words of affirmation on my shower door steam! haha Hey! Sometimes you just gotta' fit your meditation in anywhere you can!

5) Mindfulness...

Take a few moments first thing when you wake up (or at some point in your day) and list 5 things you are grateful for. It really is such a great habit to get into. Sometimes I like to do it at the end of a long day (ESPECIALLY if it's a hard day, it's a good ritual to commit to). Taking time to remember 5 things you are grateful for, is a really wonderful reminder and re- calibration of our energy; reminding us of all the good in each day. When it has been a particularly hard day, I sometimes take a moment to watch the sunset...and I can't help but think to myself..."We made it." And isn't that such an amazing thing? To experience another day...

Tell me! How do you create sacredness in your days? What are your "mini meditations"? I'd love to hear how you take time for meditation, to refill your own well or to find simple, sacred moments to recharge! I can always use good ideas and it's great to share with each other how we find balance in our busy lives. Because it is so important, in the busyness of it all, to not forget to LIVE!

Love, Natasha

Coffee 'round the campfire

Come gather...

Helllloooo, loves!

Grab a coffee and come gather with us for "Coffee 'round the Campfire" as we transmute and transform the stories of our hearts. Energies that perhaps may be stuck; things inside of us that need healing. Or joy that needs expressed. Allow yourself to go into this space so that we might create healing! And let's do this together! 

Our first storytelling prompt is:
Create a 5 minute intuitive poem! 
Also, you totally do NOT have to be a poet! Just wing it, baby! ;) This is all about self expression as a portal to healing...

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and take some time for YOU! Let's take a moment to drop into our heart space, really feel into the energy you are feeling right in this moment and just BE here. Allow whatever comes forward to be what you work with today. When you are done, feel free to post them directly to the group wall or in the comments here. If you would rather remain somewhat anonymous, PM me in confidence and I will share your work for you anonymously with the group! And don't forget to take lots of time for self care. These exercises can bring up some tender things at times, but we got this. Just know that you are fully supported emotionally, spiritually and energetically on your journey to healing. Big hugs and love to you all! I can't wait to see what manifests for us all!

Gather with us here...


I meet myself daily knowing that I am human and will fuck shit up and do some shit right; hopefully the positive outweighs the negative. In the moments when I struggle to know what to do, I think to myself...are my heart and intentions pure? Are my intentions matching my actions? The truth is, that is not always the case. I can be bitchy and self-righteous and stubborn as hell. I can also be very caring and have a great capacity to love, as we all do and I have forgiven some seriously heinous shit. But when I know that my heart and intentions are pure and matching up with my actions, I am at peace knowing I am right where I need to be in this moment. Imperfect and trying to journey to my heart. Everyday, I have to knock on that door and listen for those answers.                                                 

Wisdom in the wounds

"Be crumbled. So Wild Flowers Will Come Up Where You Are."~ RUMI

For those days when your heart feels so tender.  As though it may shatter into a thousand pieces...surrender.  Let go.  And grow.  You got this, wildflower!  (Giving myself a sacred pause to pull my shit together and remember who I am).

You can crack and crumble, bend and break, and I will love you anyway.  I will love you because of it.  But through it all, remember who you are.  Deep within, remember who you are.  This is the path of the heart warrior.

We are in a metamorphosis.  We are changing.  We are becoming.  The path is filled with things unknown.  But as all things do, we will change, we will evolve.  We are in the midst of becoming who we will be.  That is one thing that is clear.  And it is always a beautiful mess of unfolding.  But it is beautiful nonetheless. 

What if you crack?  What if you crumble?  Well my dear hearts, that is the journey.  That is how this works.  Sometimes pieces of us die, so that we can rebirth into the most beautiful creature with the most clear sense of purpose.  You may not know what the road ahead looks like; that is okay.  Keep your heart and mind open to becoming something new.  Or something ancient.  Open as far and wide as you can and know there is so much wisdom you carry within you.    

And feel everything.  Feel this moment.  Feel the wound.  There is wisdom there.  If you stay where you are, you will never change, you will never grow.  But if you are willing to go in and weed through the bullshit; all the things that tell you you aren't good will create space for growing the biggest, most beautiful wildflower garden in your soul you have ever dreamed! 

For now, seek comfort in nature.  Take in the medicine of the trees, the animals.  See what messages they have for you at this time.  Nature does not worry; it allows.  Allow yourself the gift of not knowing; of savoring this very moment for what it is.  Do not question the past or the future.  Take comfort that in nature everything happens in perfect timing.  And you are nature.  Let the stories unfold.

Let the words in your heart flow like honey.  Show me your wounds, show me your scars.  I am not afraid of your wholeness.  Take me to the root of the wound.  Take me there.  We can face it together.  We will both heal as we share our stories.  We may have been broken, but a kaleidoscope of broken glass is still beautiful!!  We can pull ourselves together again and create a new story.

As fragile as you may be, do not be afraid to show up in your wholeness.  Be present for yourself.  Crack and crumble.  Unearth those things that are no longer serving you and leave them behind.  It is okay to begin again.  This is the essence of nature, a continual ebb and flow, and evolution.  And you have the power to evolve into a better version of yourself.  The only thing holding us back is ourselves.  We hold on to the pain of our past, our mistakes and the mistakes of others.  It is okay to be IN the pain, to feel it and be fully in your being.  But you do not have to stay in those painful places.  Feel it, surrender to tears, the crumbling....and then release it and grow again.  

There is perhaps nothing more loving, no greater act of self-love, than to embrace that wholeness.  When we gather the courage to plunge into the depths of our heart and soul, and hold the mirror to ourselves, we shatter illusions.  Freeing ourselves to step into the wilderness of the soul; showing our kindreds that it is safe for them to explore and embrace their own.  Let us shine a light that allows us to guide each other, to witness each all the
the mess....
the rise and the fall....
and the healing, as we come home to ourselves.
When we share our souls bare naked to the world, we get to live authentically in all our beautiful mess.  Our wholeness....we break away from the cage of shame and loneliness and become truly FREE.

In the fall, the earth surrenders.  Releasing the leaves that no longer give it depth and life.  The old drifts away with the wind, to make space for all that is to come soon.  We are nature; a continual evolution of our souls.  This is a sacred journey that restores and renews our spirits, awakening us to grow into what we will become.  Allow nature to be your mirror; flow with ease through your seasons.  Plant the seeds that you will nourish over the cold, winter months and ready them to burst forth into the light of a new season.  Surrender....

We ARE the wounded healers.  Raw and cracked open hearts, ready for another rebirth.  And in the midst of it all, I will hold you.  I will hold space for you.  And if I need it, I hope you will do the same for me.  

But in this moment, put your hand on your heart and repeat after me....I remember who I am.  I remember who I am.  I remember who I am....

Love, Natasha

Connecting to nature

"The Mountains are calling and I must go."~ John Muir

You hear it...that whisper.  The call.  Somewhere deep inside your spirit she calls you to reconnect.  With nature.  With your soul.  It is so easy to get caught up in the rush, lost in the current of everyday life and go against our own flow.  It is then you know, you feel that hear the drum of your heartbeat among the trees, instead of the pounding of your feet on the pavement.  Nature is that place we can escape to; when the noise of the world becomes too much for us to is there we can leave behind our troubles, if only for a moment, and return to our wild truth.

"We often forget that WE ARE NATURE.  Nature is not something separate from us.  So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.” ~ Andy Goldsworthy

So, when you feel you have lost yourself, slow down...and retreat into the wild, for connection.  With mother nature and yourself.  Give yourself permission to be free and wild; to take a break from rush of life...throw up a hammock and take rest under the shade of a tree, and take sacred communion with nature, the birds, the trees...soak in the sun until it fades to moon, and  you can't tell fireflies from stars.  There is healing there.

Discover yourself again in the earth, and renew your cells among her wild love.  The worries, the pressure of life...take it to the wild.

Love, Natasha

Realign + Reconnect

"I Touch And Surrender Myself To The Earth.  I Become One With My True Nature.  Allowing...It To EMERGE...From These Roots I Shall Grow..." ~ Julie Timms

We have spent winter in hibernation; examining, letting go and stoking the inner fires of transformation.  But spring has come and it is time for yet another shift and rebirth. When the earth begins to awaken from yet another slumber, we too begin to slowly awaken to who we are now.

As the heaviness of winter gives way to sunbeams and honeybees, we are renewed with the hope that comes with spring...more aware and in tune with our purpose and vision of who we are becoming.  All that lay dormant now comes to life!  Our burdens seem lighter, our hopes ignited.  The seed dreams we planted are ready to blossom in the warmth of a new light; inspired by the wisdom we found in the slow, unraveling of our layers in winter.

After the cold and dark of winter, our heart and home are likely in need of a little love and tending.  Now is the perfect time to realign and reconnect with those most sacred spaces.  Spring brings with it a transformational energy, and we can use its wisdom to transform our heart and home energy through release, ritual, and reconnecting.

Clearing out the cobwebs of our heart and home both physically and metaphorically can do such wonders!  It allows us to energetically realign our sacred spaces with our intentions and invite in freshness and a new beginning; untangling ourselves from all that keeps us from coming into full bloom and clearing out stagnant energies that no longer serve us.  Usher in a new, fresh energy and feel yourself come alive! Allow yourself some time to do some spring cleaning for your heart and hOMe.

Tending to your hOMe...

Cleanse your space.  Take this time to declutter and donate.  Keep only things that are meaningful, useful and bring you happiness.  Purging out the old and rearranging or redecorating your home does incredible things for releasing and clearing stagnant energies.  You will be amazed how the energy and vibration changes just by letting go and weeding out the old to make space for the new!

Create an Altar Space.  Set an intention for this season and then begin to create a beautiful, vibrant, and relaxing place for you to reconnect back to your heart and intentions throughout the day. Decorate your altar with crystals such as citrine for abundance, rose quartz for love and clear quartz for clarity!  These are beautiful and symbolic stones to work with in the Spring.  Add a soft, warm glow by using candles or salt lamps.  And clear stagnant energy by burning sage or palo santo.  Come back to this space anytime you feel you need to  reconnect with your heart's intentions.

Connect with nature.  Embrace the lushness of spring by filling your home with plants and pieces of nature.  Invite in LIFE and fresh air into your space by throwing open the curtains and windows!  Allow fresh air and sunbeams to enter and brighten the energy that surrounds you.  And spend time outdoors!  Reconnect with nature and your soul.  Throw up a hammock and take rest under the shade of a tree, soak in the sun until it fades to moon, and you can't tell fireflies from stars.  Take in the medicine of nature; the trees and the animals. What messages do they have for you at this time? What can you learn from them this season?  Discover yourself again in the earth, and renew your cells among her wild love.  There is healing there.  

Tending to your Heart...

Be free.  Unearth those things no longer serving you and leave them behind.  What do you need to release? Old thought patterns? Negative self talk?  Toxic relationships?  Step into a different story.  Weed through and release those things that hold you back or weigh you down.  Free your spirit.  Take time to appreciate where you have been and where you are going.

Deepen your practice.  Recommit to meditation or yoga.  Open your heart space through self inquiry; this is key for awakening your authentic self.  Your heart has its own intelligence; what is it trying to tell you this season? What do you need in order to grow? Follow its call.  Quiet your mind and be fully present in the wisdom of your heart.  This is also a beautiful time for self-love!  Do things that make your heart happy and bring you joy and peace. Be gentle and kind to yourself during this time of powerful transformation.

Dream and reconnect.  Spring is a fertile time and the perfect season to give birth to a new idea or try something new!  Dream, visualize (perhaps create a vision board!) and show gratitude for what your life is now and all the abundance coming.  Notice and connect.  Embrace and show gratitude.  When we send out gratitude, the Universe responds with an echo; giving us more moments and experiences to be grateful for.  Light a fire in your heart and watch as your intentions and gratitude bring these seeds dreams to life!

We are in a metamorphosis.  With the freshness of spring comes a shift within our spirit; something feels different and our spirit is reawakened.  Our hearts are opening...we are transforming.  Take this time to become familiar with this new rhythm.  Reconnect with your heart and recreate yourself in alignment with your intentions and visions of who you are becoming.  Allow spring to inspire your emergence from the cocoon.  Your heart and home are your most sacred spaces.  Take this time to do little things to create big shifts for transformation and rebirth.  Create space in your heart and home for joy and abundance.  Nourish them and invite in LOVE.  And watch your true nature EMERGE!

Tell me how YOU release, realign and reconnect in the Spring! Happy Spring Equinox, love bugs and lion hearts!

Love, Natasha

♥ For sacred offerings for your ceremonies and rituals and to adorn your hOMe and sacred spaces, take a peek in The Art of a Happy Heart Shop!

Inner reflections...

"Should a person do good, let him do it again and again. Let him find pleasure therein, for blissful is the accumulation of good."~ The Buddha

Sunday Salutations, love bugs!

Today, let us reflect on how we send "love + light" and "thoughts + prayers" outward to all people in times of chaos and sorrow. Energy is absolutely valuable, but as well, how can we support each other and our words with tangible and loving acts?

Love, Natasha

Grateful for you...

"When You Arise In The Morning, Think Of What A Precious Privilege It Is To Be Alive...To Breathe, To Think, To Enjoy, To Love."~ Marcus Aurelius

I would like to take this moment tonight to thank you all for your support this past year in every way! I am truly grateful and humbled to this growing community. 2018 is going to be even better and I will have many more offerings in store for you!

To those of you that are new to this space, I welcome you with a grateful heart and would like to take a moment to introduce myself.

I'm Natasha. Lover, mamabee, artist, poet and certified bleeding heart. I am always seeking a good cup of coffee, happiness even from the darkest moments and I live for creating art and commUNITY. I believe in living a life of intention and connection; and I know that sharing our stories has the power to heal our hearts in infinite ways.

Storytelling through sacred adornment and poetry is where I find hOMe and healing over and over again. It is my heARTwork; and it is how I guide us in transforming our wounds into something beautiful; a new that WE create for ourselves.

As a Metaphysical Practitioner, I serve as a gatekeeper...and it is my hearts' desire that these offerings serve as a portal to healing. For us all. This heARTwork comes to me through conversations with nature and through meditation; and I can't think of a better way for us to seek and find our healing. 

By bringing love, intention and ritual into my offerings, I work to transform energies and to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit...but especially to the heart; and I would love to support you in any way that I can on your healing journey. 

If you desire more spiritual, energetic healing and support, you may wish to feel into my Reflections...or connect with me for energy guidance.

It is my sincere hope, that whatever it is that you seek and find in this space, resonates with you deeply. May it be a salve to the wounds...and may you find touchstones to comfort you and guide you always back home to your heart...

When you are ready, I invite you to step into the depths of your heart and feel into this space. Through sacred adornment, reflection, and poetic expression, I will support and guide you physically, emotionally and spiritually as we honor, transmute and transform the stories of your heart.

And by gathering with commUNITY, we will lovingly connect to our own hearts and those around us as we share our stories on our journey to healing. 

I am so grateful for our connection; how our so many way big and small, will expand and heal because of each other. Thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours. And if our paths cross even for a moment, I bow to you in gratitude.

All the love, Natasha

The return of the sun

"Within Each Of Us There Is A Silence, A Silence As Vast As The Universe. And When We Experience That Silence, We Remember Who We Are."
~Gunilla Norris

As we welcome the Winter Solstice, the sun transitions into Capricorn (my sun sign!), and we welcome the return of the sun! This is a potent time for rebirth; and the slow, symbolic awakening from darkness into the light. Our emergence from hibernation is slow, steady...deliberate. As we stretch and grow into the next season, the sun brings with it, hope; and warms the seeds that we plant this season to burst forth and bloom in the seasons ahead.  

And on the heels of the solstice, comes New Years; where we gather together to welcome in a fresh start. A new beginning. Reflecting on the past, we celebrate all the wonderful moments we had...and are also grateful for all we learned from the hard times in the past year.

Looking forward to the future, we express our hopes and intentions for the new year; showing gratitude for life and another chance to better ourselves and the world around us.

So, have you thought about your "word of the year"?
What intentions will you set for the next turn of the sun? Mindfulness? Balance? Transformation? Surrender? These are just a few words you could choose to empower you! There are no rules! But it is important to take this sacred and symbolic time, to realign our vibration and reconnect with our inner wisdom; and choosing a word of intention can help empower us through the year ahead! After some meditation, I chose "TOGETHER". There is so much we can good we can create together. So much light we can bring to darkness. So much healing we can bring to pain; if only we connect and create it together. Connection is what my heart deeply knows to be what many of us need right now in order to heal so many wounds of the earth and of humanity.

Together we stand strong.
Together we tear down walls.
Together we burn bridges and build new ones.
Together we change the world.
Together we fucking RISE.
They don't know that together we ARE the lotus...
rising slowly through the darkness.

So my intention is to show up. TOGETHER. To create beauty. To create connection, communication and healing. To create change. To do what *I* can do WITH my fellow humans to create a better world for all of us. This is my commitment to myself and my fellow humans.

And just as we create intentions for new beginnings, we must know what to release from the past. We are not the same as we were last year, and we won't be the same next year. We are continually evolving. We must release what we are in order to become who we are meant to be. This year, let us step into a new story. We must ask ourselves what we need to let go of this season; and what seeds we want to plant for the year ahead?

Let us take this time to set our intentions and watch as the year unfolds.  What word or words will you choose to empower you through the next turn around the sun? I would love to hear yours!  

My hope for us is that somehow, someway, we find some kind of beauty in our transitions; in the metaphorical thresholds of ourselves and humanity. No matter what, let us try to find some way to celebrate...because, LIFE! Let us LIVE while we are alive and LOVE because it is the purpose and what we will return to. I hope everyone has a wonderful year ahead!

Whatever you do...
Live, laugh, love
Eat the cheesecake
Have the glass of wine
Dream from your heart
Create adventures
Choose forgiveness, choose love, choose hope. 
Choose life.

Sending you love, Natasha

Turn on the light

"As A Child, I Never Imagined That All Of The Real Monsters In The World Would Be Humans."~ Mobeen Hakeem

We tell our children that monsters only exist in the darkness and that to make them disappear and not live in fear, all you need to do is to turn on the light. 

But the only true and living, breathing monsters live within us; in the dark places of our hearts...whether by nature, nurture or trauma. So what shall we do to rid ourselves of our monsters?...

The answer to the problem is the same. To acknowledge the fear, stare them down as we turn the light on our darkness...our monsters. To realize they first exist in our own minds and hearts, and then make their way into the world, destroying everything in their path. Until we shine a light on them, on ourselves, our monsters will always be lurking in the shadows.

It's time to invite them to speak with us; ask them the questions. Get the answers. And begin to heal. 

Love, Natasha

Dancing through the flames

"What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire."~ Charles Bukowski

Autumn is the season for going inward and reflecting on the lessons we have learned and acknowledging what we still have to work through during the season ahead.  It is important during this time to be honest with ourselves and open our hearts to healing and growth.  That honesty may not always be pretty; but there is beauty and healing in embracing the light and the darkness.  Healing and growth cannot happen unless we are willing to dig deep, really get in there and face our dark places.  

Some days the process of facing our darkness and uncovering old wounds, will feel painful.  HARD.  It is in those moments we get to choose to heal, to let those things go and to "CHOOSE HAPPINESS".  And you're probably sitting there thinking, "Easier said than done!", am I right?!  Well, sometimes happiness is not just a feeling, but an action.  It doesn't always feel joyous at first.  Choosing happiness is an act of seeing the light in the darkness, the wisdom in the wound, and to SEE the beauty in who we are becoming.  

Look.  Honestly, I lose my shit ALL THE TIME.  I am not some super zen master or anything.  (Although, that is the end goal, right?  hehe)  I have to practice choosing positivity like everyone else.  When you get stuck in that tunnel of negativity, your practice of choosing happiness will help pull you out of the darkness.  NO ONE has ALL their shit together, my loves.  We must lift the veil of the illusion that we have it all together 100% of the time.  I am an extremely emotional being; like my hubby says, "You are calm like a river and furious like an ocean."  And that is the TRUTH!  I am a woman on fire with life; I have moments of being in the flow and moments when I am a passionate, fiery force to be reckoned with and it's not always a good thing!  ha!  It's about balance.  And it is OKAY to acknowledge all your emotional facets and embrace them; but for your well being, you can't stay in those fires that no longer serve you, or you'll burn to the ground.  It is a constant practice of choosing, and it IS your choice.  It is choosing to see the good that can come from the bad.  The silver linings.  And it is NOT always easy.  But slowly over time, it will being to transform your outlook on life, and your practice will become second nature.

Think of all we have been through, and made it through in the past.  Think about how far we have come.  We don't have to face things the way we used to; kicking and screaming like a stubborn child.  We are not weak.  We have the choice, the strength and the ability to look at ourselves, our wounds and our situations with a peaceful and open heart and approach them with love to soften things even if just a bit.  When shit gets tough, I repeat this little mantra I wrote to remind me of my strength and inner fire even in this vulnerable season.  I hope it empowers you as well.  (Warning: Curse words ahead, duh!  ha)

Mantra for Choosing Happiness...

I am Love.
I find peace within myself.
Because I choose happiness, happiness finds me.
I can make my inner flame burn away anger
and light a new fire within me.
When fields burn, forests grow in their place.
I get to choose how I react.
I get to choose what I am.
I am the fucking FOREST!
I am LOVE.

Open your heart to all the love and full, empowering abundance and happiness that is your soul birthright.  You deserve all the happiness in the world.  May you find the peace, love and happiness you are searching for; but know that it comes only from within your own heart.  No one can give it to you and no one can take it away from you, except for you.  And there is so much power in that.  

Choosing happiness does not mean everything is always going to be perfect.  It means being able to see the good that can come from the struggles and growing because of it.  It means going within your heart and using the flames to light the darkened corners and burn that shit down and rebirth.  Choose doesn't always mean the path will be easier, but it makes it worth it.

Love, Natasha

Ebb + Flow

"Nature has a way of reminding us, that all things great and small, ebb and flow in rhythm with the heartbeat of her call."~ Gabriella Goddard

There is something about the snowfall; the cleanse in the winter. A reminder of the ebb and flow of seasons and of life. To savor all its moments in all their forms. And yet winter still reminds us...that there will be a spring.

Not allowing things to ebb and flow creates resistance. It has taken me all year to finally get into a space where I have been able to cultivate some flow and mmmm it feels so good! It is amazing how when you ALLOW things to flow and just work with where you are in the moment, things really start flowing better! There is a lot less tension, resistance, therefore a lot less anxiety.

How do you honor your own ebb and flow? How will you honor your heartbeat this season? What seeds will you plant this winter, to come alive in the spring? I would love for you to share with me!

Love, Natasha

Light in the darkness

"Who Has Seen A Shadow Separated From The Light?"~ RUMI

The time of the Sun...for awakening, the bursting forth of life, has passed once again. And Autumn, with its crisp air and bare branches, is signaling the coming of Winter, the time of the shadows...the souls' season for turning inward; a time for reflection and to explore our own shadow.  This is a wonderfully sacred time of peering into our darkness in search of the light; facing those pieces of ourselves we like to forget, that we tuck away into the darkened corners of our hearts like dusty, unloved books. Keeping them hidden from the world, and from ourselves. Autumn is the season for shedding what is not needed...a symbolic death that allows for rebirth.

With the movement from sunlight to shadows, this time can feel heavy and cold, not unlike the snowfall of winter blanketing delicate, withering flower petals. Soul work is not cozy and comfortable. Lifetimes are spent dodging these shadows; and they can shatter us, leave us feeling broken, battered and bruised. Our wounds, our weaknesses...facing those fears can be a lonely and vulnerable space. But within that space is healing, expansion and peace for our hearts. Your heart is your home. Your shadow and light are pieces of you. You are safe to embrace your WHOLENESS; for there is wisdom in the wound and beauty in the unraveling.

There is perhaps nothing more loving, no greater act of self-love, than to embrace that wholeness. When we gather the courage to plunge into the depths of our heart and soul, and hold the mirror to ourselves, we shatter illusions. Freeing ourselves to step into the shadowy and sunlit wilderness of the soul; showing our kindreds that it is safe for them to explore and embrace their own. Let us shine a light that allows us to guide each other, to witness each all the
the mess...
the rise and the fall...
and the healing, as we come home to ourselves.
When we share our souls bare naked to the world, we get to live authentically in all our beautiful mess. Our wholeness...we break away from the cage of shame and lonliness and become truly FREE.

In the fall, the earth surrenders. Releasing the leaves that no longer give it depth and life. The old drifts away with the wind, to make space for all that is to come soon. We are nature; a continual evolution of our soul. This is a sacred journey that restores and renews our spirits, awakening us to grow into what we will become. Allow nature to be your mirror; flow with ease through your seasons, balancing your sunlight and darkness. Plant the seeds that you will nourish over the cold, winter months and ready them to burst forth into the light of a new season.

Allow your heart to be a beacon that illuminates what needs to be brought into the light this season. Let it be your guide in the darkness.


Love, Natasha

♥ "Light in the Darkness" originally appeared in the Bohemian Collective Magazine- Fall 2015 issue! You can purchase your copy here!

Let's grab some coffee together + chat...

Imagine for a moment, that we are gathered around a
sharing slivers of our hearts; our skin adorned with the soft glow of the moon.
The flames our altar...where we release the stories that no longer serve us.
The fireflies our witnesses...offering us guiding lights back to our hearts' truth.
Here, in this sacred space...I would be humbled and honored to hold your stories
and be a safe place for your heart to rest.

Connecting through sharing our stories is medicine. So drop me a love note-
and let the healing begin...

Love, Natasha