strength + calm. mandala gemstone wrap bracelet

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strength + calm. mandala gemstone wrap bracelet


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♥ My "Mandala" double wrap bracelets are created as intentional meditations for your journey. Adorned with an array of beautiful gemstones and charms, this piece was created with specific intentions for strength and calm on life's journey. Meant to wrap around your wrist twice, the pattern is meant to mimic the visual of a mandala, creating a peaceful, intentional meditation that you can wear. Each one created is infused with a peaceful and joyful vibration to refresh the soul! Perfect adornment to support you on your journey! 

♥ Smoky quartz
♥ African turquoise
♥ Citrine
♥ Amethyst
♥ Sandstone
♥ Riverstone
♥ Moss agate
♥ Lotus seed
♥ Sandalwood
♥ Feather charms
♥ Tibetan bell

Every stone a story. Connect with me to create your own!

♥ Custom heARTwork

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♥ A Mandala represents wholeness; a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. The mandala appears to us in all aspects of life; the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and more obviously, the circles of life encompassing friends, family and communities. Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. The symbolism behind the creation of a mandala can have significant meaning for many individuals regardless of their spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs. Mandalas are used for meditation purposes allowing the individual meditating to become one with the universe and to gain knowledge from within. They can also be created to symbolize the journeys through life. You should know the meaning of the mandala you have chosen or set your own meaning before using it for meditation. Once the intention has been set, you can begin focusing on the mandala. Breathing deeply, take in the lovely designs, allowing your mind to wander. If your mind starts to drift into thoughts, simply bring your focus and attention back to the beauty of the mandala. Let the mandala absorb all your attention by falling into it and gazing into the colors and patterns. As you begin to fall into the mandala, you will experience a feeling of lightness and intuitive thoughts may arise. Relax, let thoughts and feelings come to you. If you begin to feel panic, lost, or uncomfortable or if you start drifting into thought again, just relax and refocus your attention back to the mandala. Everyone experiences different feelings, but if you have a relaxed demeanor while focused on the mandala, you have obviously achieved what was intended. You should come away with clarity of the intention you set before the mandala meditation.

♥ Bracelet measures 16 inches in length and is meant to be wrapped around your wrist twice. Convo me if you would like the length adjusted.

♥ Each creation is as unique as nature and comes cleansed by moonlight and sunlight before entering your hands, but I can cleanse in any manner you choose.

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Happiness + Love, Natasha

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