free dove. abalone bird animal wisdom necklace

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free dove. abalone bird animal wisdom necklace


"A moment will come when we are nothing left but bone and ash- no flesh to hold or hearts to thrash- against rib cages... against these bird cages... free from these pages..."~ The Art of a Happy Heart

♥ This piece is deeply special to my heart and I will soon tell you the story. Created in an old vintage "liquid silver" style with ice glass beads, it is adorned with a RARE hand carved vintage abalone dove and is accented with heishi shells and cream colored fire polished Picasso beads. A beautiful bird, wings outstretched; the sun on her wings and the clouds in her eyes. I hope this piece brings as much meaning to your life as it has to mine...a comfort and peace to your heart. You are magnificent; a beautiful bird. No cage could ever contain your heart. You are FREE!


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♥ The Story Behind the Free Dove...

The dove is a messenger of love, peace and hope. And that is exactly what she brought to me. (And I hope to you too!) Many years ago, during a time of deep wounding in my life, I stumbled upon a dove shell necklace at a flea market. A little old lady had made it by hand and it became my most prized possession. You see, that little dove strung around my neck, through those most difficult times, reminded me to hang onto what left I had of myself, my heart. For one day my heart would be free as a bird. I had to believe that. I wore it for many, many years. Like a broken heart that shatters and still lives, my dove necklace would break and I would restring her, bringing her back to wholeness. Over and over. Until finally one day I couldn't find her. I had lost my precious dove. My symbol of my inner freedom...I was heartbroken. By that point in my life though, I had done a lot of moving past things in my life and I decided that she was lost because she wanted to be; that she had helped my in my darkest time and that I was now free within my own heart and her work was done. She was free to perhaps find someone else to help on their journey. But I have missed her significance...her reminder to us all of that eternal inner freedom within our hearts. The freedom we can access, if we only open the door to the cage.

So, wanting others to know the power of the spirit of the dove, I went in search for these very rare hand carved abalone birds. I found only a few, but they are so very special. I made a very small batch of these dove necklaces and I know they will call out to the hearts that resonate with them deeply. 

♥ The wisdom of the dove...a sacred symbol of love, grace and promise, she is the messenger of hope and peace. The dove's soft and gentle coo is a call to love. She raises spiritual consciousness so we may view the soul through the lens of love. 

♥ Abalone shell is also a symbol of love, peace and hope. It has a strong elemental bond with the Earth and the Water elements which carries a soothing vibration that can help calm emotions during deep healing and may aid to emotionally support the growth of Self. Abalone shell has been used in jewelry making and spiritual ceremonies, cleansings, offerings and prayers for countless ages.

♥ Necklace measures 16 inches in length and abalone dove measures 2.5 inches wing tip to wing tip. Convo me if you would like the length adjusted.

♥ Each creation is as unique as nature and comes cleansed by moonlight and sunlight before entering your hands, but I can cleanse in any manner you choose.

Much gratitude for visiting my shop!

Happiness + Love, Natasha

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