It’s almost sundown
in this lonely town...
one by one, lights go out-
the stores they close down.
Everyone’s grabbing last coffee, last call...

and I find myself searching for a face...
someone to be you for awhile.

Now there’s nothing left but coldness
as the candle fades
from blue flame...
as my heart lingers...
in this stillness.

Is this how is happens?
While cities sleep?
People becoming strangers
in the shade of streetlights...
the sound of goodbye
still stuck in my throat-
so many things left unsaid...
still it seems
I don't know you anymore.

Seasons changed...
the reasons were few-
and I could feel your effort
as I tried to slow the passage
of pebbles through the sandglass.

And now too much time has passed...
though too much has happened to forget-

but hearts are made to be broken
and bridges are meant to be burned...

So I'm ending this tonight.
No more passing in the streetlight-
avoiding your eyes.
Haunt me in the shadows-
set me free...

like the night waiting for dawn.