"I am most free, most honest...here.
In between these words...waiting for the pen and heartbeat to tell the stories of the Universe..."


Sometimes I think you can see right to the core of my soul and the words are meant just for me. So, thank you, soul sister.
— Lisa

Hello, love! As an intuitive spirit, these words come to me through conversations with nature and through meditation. I see poetry as a portal to healing and I hope you have found comfort in these words that I share. It has been a dream long held in my heart, to one day publish a collection of my sacred poetry to share with the collective. If my work resonates with you, supports you or heals you in some way, and you wish to make a donation to support my journey to publish my book, you can do so here...

Thank you for reading and supporting my work in any way...

So much love, Natasha

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