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✦ We Are the storytellers ✦

The Bleeding Hearts...The Lovers, The Fighters...The Survivors... 


We are the flowers and trees that ripped through the seeds; fought our way out of darkness to reach for the light.

We've risen from the fires and survived to tell the tales...the embers still glow deep inside our hearts and guide our way home.

Listen closely...our story is an ancient one...

of broken hearts and battles won and all the parts that shatter and come together in the most heart-breakingly beautiful ways...

of making something beautiful from the pain.

This is our medicine. This is how we heal.
These sacred stories dwell and grow and burn within us all...

we invite you to gather- if you have heard the call...



Is there a story you wish to tell?

✦ Welcome to our Sanctuary ✦

You Need Space To Share Your Voice...The Stories Of Your Heart...

in all its breaking and mending.

You want not only to heal the wounds, but to transform them...perhaps even into something beautiful.
Let's walk together on this journey...

I invite you to explore the ways in which I can support and guide you in honoring

the stories of your heart...


Sacred Adornment

Every Stone A Story

Sacred Poetry

A Portal to healing

coffee 'round the campfire

Share Your Story


Seeking Intuitive Guidance?

✦ Reflect + Connect ✦

If you desire more spiritual, energetic healing and support, you may wish to feel into my Reflections...or connect with me for intuitive guidance.

I Am So Happy You Have Found Your Way Here...

Love, Natasha