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Thank you for allowing me to serve you…

Universe. Quartz Ring

♥ “Natasha, this is JUST what I needed right now in my life...I absolutely adore it. The packaging was simply exquisite. I could tell the light and love is flowing all throughout this piece.”~ Garnet

♥ “Amazing. There are no words to describe these pieces and the art that goes into them! Thank you!”~ Missy D.

♥ “I received my beautiful quartz ring handmade by, Natasha. She is wonderful! Shipping was quick and it was packaged so uniquely. I was pleasantly satisfied!”~ Jackie Martinez

Spirit Song. Earthy Gemstone Earrings

♥ “I received my beautiful package today. I was having the most horrible day; I opened my package, put on these beautiful earrings and immediately my energy changed! I was able to be creative and feel like myself again. Thank you.”~ Nancy Mills

Dream. Amethyst Crystal Ball Ring

♥ “I have looked at this ring many times and finally made the purchase. What took me so long?! I absolutely LOVE it!”~ Cheryl L.

Om. Quartz Charm Necklace

♥ “Thank you so much, Natasha! The necklace is just perfect; delicate but not fragile, with the most wonderful sound. I truly love it!”~ Amanda Nash

Lotus Rise. Sandalwood + Quartz Bracelet

♥ “Natasha made four bracelets to fit my tiny wrist and all fit beautifully! The whole experience from when I first contacted her to opening my thoughtfully wrapped package was perfect!”~ Nora

Vision. Quartz Crystal Ball Ring

♥ “I love the quartz ring! I was surprised how quickly the stones warmed on my skin; usually, jewelry feels cold and foreign. I have been wearing it since the moment it arrived!”~ Corinna

Journey. Jade Shamballa Bracelet

♥ “I have never received a package with such a great energy!!! The bracelet is gorgeous but what makes it more special is the passion and love Natasha sent it with.”~ Miely Limon

♥ “Thanks for the amazing and lovingly wrapped items. I could feel the love in which it was made with all the way on the other side of the world!”~ Mags Venter-Gouws

♥ “Oh, the love! Beautifully packaged! My Nana always wore a jade heart and I am thrilled with this piece! Thank you!”~ Sarah

Sacred Geometry. Ammonite Animal Wisdom Necklace

♥ “Receiving a package from Natasha is pure magic! My mama told me she feels like this necklace has always belonged to her. She feels so connected to it and wears it every day.”~ Chiara Cazzulani


Happy Heart. Sacred Bracelet Set

♥ “LOVE this! Natasha gave me EXACTLY what I wanted! She was able to customize it to make it personable for me. My wife has one as well. I've been given several compliments on these bracelets. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend you buy them. They're beautiful and you won't regret it.”~ Chris

♥ “I absolutely love it!! It really did make my heart happy; especially today when I needed it. The packaging was so unique and that made it more beautiful. Thank you so much!”~ Steph

Light. Quartz Arrowhead Pendant

♥ “WONDERFUL. The pendant is beautifully created and the packaging is unique and shows the love and positivity within Natasha’s heart. I cannot wait to buy more from this shop.”~ Kara Klaasen

♥ “I LOVE my beautiful pendant! Mostly, I am touched by the love that went in to making this and all the good wishes behind it. Thoughtful packaging with a special stick of incense! Thank you so much, Natasha, for your lovely art and healing heart.”~ Rebecca Lynn


Warrior. Cobalt Arrowhead Pendant

♥ “I got my warrior necklace in the mail today and just wanted to let you know that it's absolutely great! I was having one of those days where people just keep asking more of you and you realize there's no more of you left to give- bad day. I stumbled on your post about the last day of your sale, read your message and headed to your shop right away. Once I started looking around, I realized this cobalt necklace was the one I needed; my mom's favorite color. I've been looking forward to seeing your brown paper package in my mailbox since. Some people would find it silly that I find such comfort in a necklace, but I do, and I wanted to say thanks again!”~ Amanda Nash

Balance. Gemstone Meditation Bundle

♥ “Natasha puts so much love and care into everything she creates. Even the packaging is thoughtful. I can't recommend her enough.”~ Michele

Be Present. Coffee Meditation Bundle

♥ “My coffee meditation kit has kept me so happy for the past year I have been using it. Definitely one of my favourite mugs and some of my most beloved stones.”~ Lyre Alice Jameson

Strength + Calm. Mandala Gemstone Wrap Bracelet

♥ “The most beautiful custom piece of jewelry that I have ever owned. Made with so much love, care, thoughtfulness and craftsmanship, my custom adornment is truly one of a kind and made from the heart.”~ Suzanne Gohs

Abundance + Gratitude. Mandala Gemstone Wrap Bracelet

♥ “Gorgeous bracelet!!! And it came beautifully packaged!! Natasha is so sweet and easy to work with.”~ I.E.

Balance. Mandala Gemstone Wrap Bracelet

♥ “So lovely and magical! Thank you for creating this!!”~ Nicole Swarts

Inner Peace. Vintage Peace Sign Bracelet

♥ “This bracelet is wonderful and looks terrific on. It looks great with my other jewelry and was wrapped sweetly with a heartfelt expression from the artist.”~ Lisa DeSpain

Choose Happiness. Mantra Bracelet

♥ “The care and love that goes into this wonderful artists’ creations are amazing. The packaging, design, and creativity is so much fun and exciting! A beautiful bracelet that I will wear all the time!”~ Bridgitt Rhodes

♥ “So many people love the gifts that I buy from this shop; gift giving is so easy! Thank you for always creating great pieces with exceptional packaging and TLC.”~ Kat

Illumination. Quartz Dreadlock Ring

♥ “This hair piece is DYNAMIC!!! I love it!!! Natasha takes great interest in detail and it shows! And it arrived quickly. The added healing crystal is much appreciated! AAAAA+++++ Great artist! THANK YOU!!!”~ Debbie

♥ “All I can say is Natasha gives her 100%! I fell in love with the dreadlock ring she made. It is great; flexible enough to make it into your proper sizing and I haven’t had any problems so far sleeping with this hair piece. (If you’re like me and don’t like to take off your dreadlock jewelry.) I will definitely be returning.”~ Bridge