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"Sometimes this world feels too small for our hearts;
too small for all the stories and poems we hold,
too small for all the pain and too small for us all to fully expand into.
In all our beauty and thrashing.
So tell me, what can we do but push the boundaries of this world and of each other?
What can we do but tear the doors from these cages?"

Let's set our hearts free...

                                           Katelyn Demidow Photography                                                                                                                                

                                          Katelyn Demidow Photography                                                                                                                               


Gather with us as we bear witness to each others' words, our truths, our healing. There is something incredibly healing about simply being heard and held by community; by knowing you are safe here. Allow us to sit around your campfire and sing your heart back home.

Grab a coffee and come gather 'round the campfire!

"When you begin to find your voice...
it will rise and expand and find mountaintops to fall from.
And there will be no hope to quiet it; or soften its' fall.
There, you will find freedom."