Love notes...

Just as the seasons ebb and flow, so does the spirit and the seasons of life.  When the earth falls and the skies grow darker with each passing hour, at first sight, it may seem as though the decaying flora with their brittle, breaking petals have nothing left to give.  That their beauty might never return.  That their very roots must be ripped from their stable ground, never again to grow anything beautiful or lovely.  But underneath...deep in the dark, something beautiful is waiting to be birthed into being.  Each season the roots grow deeper and stronger, and when the sun returns and the earth declares another spring, they grow and rise, and rise higher than they were before.  Always reaching toward the light. 

Love notes...

Life is a journey...
of struggle and of ease,
of sadness and of joy,
of fear and of hope,
of comfort and of growth,
of indifference and of Love.

You will break and bend,
you will fall and rise,
you will shatter and come together.
There will be moments when it will seem you are living all of these things at once; that you are thrashing through this journey. Within it all, do not lose yourself, your truth, your heart.

And in the moments in between,
if and when you are able,
allow your heart to be a point of stillness in a chaotic world. 

The heARTist + the heARTwork

Hello, friend! I'm Natasha. Lover, mamabee, artist, poet and certified bleeding heart. I am always seeking a good cup of coffee, happiness even from the darkest moments and I live for creating art and commUNITY. I believe in living a life of intention and connection; and I know that sharing our stories has the power to heal our hearts in infinite ways.

Storytelling through sacred adornment and poetry is where I find hOMe and healing over and over again. It is my heARTwork; and it is how I guide us in transforming our wounds into something beautiful; a new that WE create for ourselves.

As a Metaphysical Practitioner, I serve as a gatekeeper...and it is my hearts' desire that these offerings serve as a portal to healing. For us all. This heARTwork comes to me through conversations with nature and through meditation; and I can't think of a better way for us to seek and find our healing.

By bringing love, intention and ritual into my offerings, I work to transform energies and to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit...but especially to the heart; and I would love to support you in any way that I can on your healing journey.

If you desire more spiritual, energetic healing and support, you may wish to feel into my Reflections...or connect with my for energy guidance.

It is my sincere hope, that whatever it is that you seek and find in this space, resonates with you deeply. May it be a salve to the wounds...and may you find touchstones to comfort you and guide you always back home to your heart...

Happiness + Love, Natasha