Lion heart

The truth is...
I'm afraid you'll see my darkness.
My barren lands.
My suffering.
And that you'll think I cannot serve.
That I cannot survive.
That you'll think I cannot bring my own kind of healing.
That you'll not count me among the tribe.

But this heart has taken beatings.
Has bled for the poetry that flows from it's veins.
This heart has cracked and shattered and still fucking LIVED!

For many moons and many suns I've seen the darkness flooding the horizon.
Have felt the suffering of a body stolen.
A bird trapped in a cage and without a song.
All the carnage strewn about at the hour of sunset.
And I alone cannot heal that kind of brokenness.

When the hours grow dark,
those birds they still beat their wings inside my chest.
But this heart, she is a LION!
And this lion has already died a thousand deaths for songs unsung.
No more.

I am not just a bird without a song.
I am that lioness.
And I long to let out my roars
across those barren lands
And awaken myself and the world.

For I came to this place with flaming mane and claws that scratch and fight for life
and for love.
For truth and honesty.
For all the hearts that shatter and come together.

So here I am...thundering out of the darkness.
Heart pounding and bleeding.
Arriving and departing all at once.
Holding on and letting go all at once.
and dying all at once.

So here I am...are you still with me?

Shall we come out of the shadows?


April 14th, 2017