Ebb + Flow

"Nature has a way of reminding us, that all things great and small, ebb and flow in rhythm with the heartbeat of her call."~ Gabriella Goddard

There is something about the snowfall; the cleanse in the winter. A reminder of the ebb and flow of seasons and of life. To savor all its moments in all their forms. And yet winter still reminds us...that there will be a spring.

Not allowing things to ebb and flow creates resistance. It has taken me all year to finally get into a space where I have been able to cultivate some flow and mmmm it feels so good! It is amazing how when you ALLOW things to flow and just work with where you are in the moment, things really start flowing better! There is a lot less tension, resistance, therefore a lot less anxiety.

How do you honor your own ebb and flow? How will you honor your heartbeat this season? What seeds will you plant this winter, to come alive in the spring? I would love for you to share with me!

Love, Natasha