Turn on the light

"As A Child, I Never Imagined That All Of The Real Monsters In The World Would Be Humans."~ Mobeen Hakeem

We tell our children that monsters only exist in the darkness and that to make them disappear and not live in fear, all you need to do is to turn on the light. 

But the only true and living, breathing monsters live within us; in the dark places of our hearts...whether by nature, nurture or trauma. So what shall we do to rid ourselves of our monsters?...

The answer to the problem is the same. To acknowledge the fear, stare them down as we turn the light on our darkness...our monsters. To realize they first exist in our own minds and hearts, and then make their way into the world, destroying everything in their path. Until we shine a light on them, on ourselves, our monsters will always be lurking in the shadows.

It's time to invite them to speak with us; ask them the questions. Get the answers. And begin to heal. 

Love, Natasha