Wisdom in the wounds

"Be crumbled. So Wild Flowers Will Come Up Where You Are."~ RUMI

For those days when your heart feels so tender.  As though it may shatter into a thousand pieces...surrender.  Let go.  And grow.  You got this, wildflower!  (Giving myself a sacred pause to pull my shit together and remember who I am).

You can crack and crumble, bend and break, and I will love you anyway.  I will love you because of it.  But through it all, remember who you are.  Deep within, remember who you are.  This is the path of the heart warrior.

We are in a metamorphosis.  We are changing.  We are becoming.  The path is filled with things unknown.  But as all things do, we will change, we will evolve.  We are in the midst of becoming who we will be.  That is one thing that is clear.  And it is always a beautiful mess of unfolding.  But it is beautiful nonetheless. 

What if you crack?  What if you crumble?  Well my dear hearts, that is the journey.  That is how this works.  Sometimes pieces of us die, so that we can rebirth into the most beautiful creature with the most clear sense of purpose.  You may not know what the road ahead looks like; that is okay.  Keep your heart and mind open to becoming something new.  Or something ancient.  Open as far and wide as you can and know there is so much wisdom you carry within you.    

And feel everything.  Feel this moment.  Feel the wound.  There is wisdom there.  If you stay where you are, you will never change, you will never grow.  But if you are willing to go in and weed through the bullshit; all the things that tell you you aren't good enough....you will create space for growing the biggest, most beautiful wildflower garden in your soul you have ever dreamed! 

For now, seek comfort in nature.  Take in the medicine of the trees, the animals.  See what messages they have for you at this time.  Nature does not worry; it allows.  Allow yourself the gift of not knowing; of savoring this very moment for what it is.  Do not question the past or the future.  Take comfort that in nature everything happens in perfect timing.  And you are nature.  Let the stories unfold.

Let the words in your heart flow like honey.  Show me your wounds, show me your scars.  I am not afraid of your wholeness.  Take me to the root of the wound.  Take me there.  We can face it together.  We will both heal as we share our stories.  We may have been broken, but a kaleidoscope of broken glass is still beautiful!!  We can pull ourselves together again and create a new story.

As fragile as you may be, do not be afraid to show up in your wholeness.  Be present for yourself.  Crack and crumble.  Unearth those things that are no longer serving you and leave them behind.  It is okay to begin again.  This is the essence of nature, a continual ebb and flow, and evolution.  And you have the power to evolve into a better version of yourself.  The only thing holding us back is ourselves.  We hold on to the pain of our past, our mistakes and the mistakes of others.  It is okay to be IN the pain, to feel it and be fully in your being.  But you do not have to stay in those painful places.  Feel it, surrender to tears, the crumbling....and then release it and grow again.  

There is perhaps nothing more loving, no greater act of self-love, than to embrace that wholeness.  When we gather the courage to plunge into the depths of our heart and soul, and hold the mirror to ourselves, we shatter illusions.  Freeing ourselves to step into the wilderness of the soul; showing our kindreds that it is safe for them to explore and embrace their own.  Let us shine a light that allows us to guide each other, to witness each other....in all the
the mess....
the rise and the fall....
and the healing, as we come home to ourselves.
When we share our souls bare naked to the world, we get to live authentically in all our beautiful mess.  Our wholeness....we break away from the cage of shame and loneliness and become truly FREE.

In the fall, the earth surrenders.  Releasing the leaves that no longer give it depth and life.  The old drifts away with the wind, to make space for all that is to come soon.  We are nature; a continual evolution of our souls.  This is a sacred journey that restores and renews our spirits, awakening us to grow into what we will become.  Allow nature to be your mirror; flow with ease through your seasons.  Plant the seeds that you will nourish over the cold, winter months and ready them to burst forth into the light of a new season.  Surrender....

We ARE the wounded healers.  Raw and cracked open hearts, ready for another rebirth.  And in the midst of it all, I will hold you.  I will hold space for you.  And if I need it, I hope you will do the same for me.  

But in this moment, put your hand on your heart and repeat after me....I remember who I am.  I remember who I am.  I remember who I am....

Love, Natasha